What's next on health care draft in Congress

Like the House bill, the Senate plan would eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes over the next decade, with large benefits for the wealthiest Americans. But regarding the other big news of the day - the future of the nation's health ...

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Watch Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev 2 Live Results on HBO PPV

Still, he's eager to clear up any remaining doubts when they meet Saturday night in a 175-pound title rematch. When he asked what was next, Ward said he may move up to cruiserweight or possibly heavyweight for the right fight . After the controver...

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May drops key manifesto pledges from Queen's 'Brexit' speech

Ministers said the reason it was not included was purely because no date had been set. "We will do what is in the national interest and we will work with anyone in any party that is prepared to do the same", she said. But opposition parties have ...