Microsoft's Windows 10 anniversary update changes requirement for Mobile and PC's

Philip Brookes advises on upgrading to Windows 10 in his latest blog in the Fenland Citizen

Time running out to upgrade Philip Brookes advises on upgrading to Windows 10 in his latest blog in the Fenland Citizen

Microsoft's "Get Windows 10" dialogue box saw a lot of criticism. Microsoft, however, stated that it will keep supporting Lumia devices as well as devices from other manufacturers that run on the Windows Mobile Platform. Where there is smoke there is fire so something is happening, however, getting to the bottom of it will be challenging.

"Unfortunately, Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped about what we can expect from the conference, although, the company did previously confirm plans to talk about a new Forza game", Digital Spy said. Users who still haven't upgraded to Windows 10 were initially prompted with a friendly reminder to do so and had the choice to opt out.

"If the customer wishes to continue with their upgrade at the designated time, they can click "OK" or close the notifications with no further action needed", he said. The tech company has presented Windows 7 and Windows 8 users a Windows 10 upgrade notice that says "Upgrade Now" or "Upgrade Later".

Here's the tricky part, though: As Microsoft itself acknowledges on its support page, clicking on that red X in the upper-right-hand corner doesn't cancel the upgrade; it lets it proceed as planned. In essence, Windows does provide you the option to cancel or change the schedule update.

They have also defended the "recommended" setting of the upgrade.

At one point, some PC owners complained, Microsoft began sending on-screen messages prompting them to download and install Windows 10.

Well, Microsoft just tweaked its Windows 10 upgrade alert pop-up so that the update is triggered when clicking the X, PC World explains.

Above is the image of Get Windows 10 tool that nearly all Windows 7/8.1 users are getting/will get in coming days. After that, Microsoft will start charging users who are interested in upgrading to the latest OS.

Owners of Windows 7 and 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July 29.

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