Who Got Eliminated On The Bachelorette 2016 Tonight? Week 2

The first date involved ten of the guys and they went to a firefighting training facility where they competed in a round of obstacles.

And he wasn't the only one who stole a smooch - Luke who rode a unicorn in during his first impression as a nod to Jojo's own "Bachelorette" entrance also got a rooftop kiss. Seriously. This is really the main focal point of the entire 30 minutes of this episode, since he basically trolled everyone to get time with JoJo. Despite that win, the group date rose will go to Wells. Following her date, JoJo and six bachelors make their way to the ESPN studios where they meet up with SportsNation hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley - who are more than willing to help JoJo on her search for love.

James Taylor scores the second one-on-one date of the week and heads to Culver City with JoJo to do a little swing dancing.

The men took part in a series of awkward end zone dances and other zany competitions.


The men during the date were power-ranked on a riff of the sports broadcast called "Bachelor Nation."

Oh yeah, the ridiculous group dates of course. Luke, Robby, and Derek will not be included in the Week 4 dates and will be stuck in the Bachelor Mansion while some of their buddies get do fun stuff with JoJo that includes an afternoon of sexually charged hot yoga, swing dancing, and dishing on their most notable sexcapades. The fun is over when the rose ceremony starts - at least for Christian Bishop, Nick Benvenutti, and Ali Zahiri. (As if you couldn't guess from his contestant bio, which lists his greatest achievement to date as "being born good-looking.") And in case you lost track, the erectile dysfunction specialist got a rose. As for the rose, James T. snagged that too - much to the chagrin of alpha bro Chad.

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