Technology Behind The Online Casino Software

Technology Behind The Online Casino Software

Technology Behind The Online Casino Software

Despite this being boom time for the online casino industry, there's one thing that worries many observers of the trade. There's been such a surge of people taking up new accounts - especially in the mobile sector - that many are just assuming that their casino(s) of choice are secure. The same goes for the technology and often syndicated software that runs the site - is it really up to scratch? Is the casino honest? What precautions are made for the information I provide upon sign up? The questions go on. 

In many cases people choose an online casino based upon promotions and 'rankings'. Promotional offers are fair game, it's a simple form of marketing - however ranking and reviews are often heavily influenced by viral marketing campaigns. Many casinos with enough financial backing could propel themselves up the Google ranking system with a little investment in the right know how. Many companies do this - it's all part of the game, but when it comes to deciding where to take your business remember that more often than not the top results (often the largest) likely paid a little to get there. 

There's many brilliant things about the online gaming industry, but here we'll take a deeper look at the software used to secure and run these sites. 

1) Security Technology In Online Casinos 

This ought to be the first feature that any prospective player looks at with a casino. The best - and there are many - are superb and the match of any bank. The worst can, and are, hacked and while the raiders may not make away with the deposited funds you can get they'll rip the customer information right away. 

Essential to making this decision is taking a simple look at the encryption technology used by the casino. Don't worry - it's this easy: do not play with sites not offering 256 bit SSL data encryption. This encryption is the same used as big businesses and is estimated to be around 340 billion times more secure than sites that use 128 SSL. Now it's not often I will rule out an underdog as it's usually the smaller more obscure online casinos that are using 128 SSL - but this time I would never consider taking my business with them. Not only are they low security, they're also going to be the sites hackers target in the first place! 

Check your casino's security FAQs for who handles their security. The best will do what most big businesses do and outsource security to industry professionals. This might at first sound odd, after all surely it's best to have an in-house team? Fact is it utterly isn't, and you can be sure that when outsourced your personal information will be held on servers that are as tight as Fort Knox. 

On a last note with security check out where the casino is based. Most of the reputable are in tax efficient locations - and this is what you ought to look for. Areas where there is a whole gaming industry are going to take extra effort with their internal security and monitor access to their software and customers personal information. After all they have a reputation to uphold. 

2) The Software That Powers The Site 

Phew! Hope that hasn't put you off, it really shouldn't providing you check out those simple rules. Now onto the technology that actually makes casino sites run - and again this is essential in getting value for money from your provider. A little known fact in the online casino industry is that much of the sites actually use the same software architecture. Sure the games may look and run different but the mathematical algorithms that generate results are the same. 

It may sound unusual but again it's because the best software to run gaming sites are software houses that are subcontracted to manage the site. This is understandably a huge growth area in the tech sector and has attracted some of the best software developers in the world - providing you use a site powered by one of the 'big-boys'. Again it comes down to reputation being a conduit of quality. Look for any of these companies: 

* Secure RTG casinos (experts in live casinos) 

* Secure Playtech casinos (quality all rounders) 

* Secure Microgaming casinos (especially if slots is your thing!) 

Now you may be wondering 'who polices the police'? Fair question, and again companies are outsourced to test the quality of the products and software that the big three are delivering. Most important for players is that they place most emphasis on the 'randomness' of the results generated - so casinos using these developers are safe knowing they're getting a fair chance. 

So hopefully this has been a useful introduction to what goes on behind in the casino technology industry. I'd advise anyone to be careful using a casino that doesn't proudly announce it's partnership with quality security and infrastructure designers. 


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