'Finding Dory' has a transgender sting ray - yes, really

Hayden Rolence is one of the new names on board as he takes over the character of Nemo. Dory, that adorable, excitable blue tang fish, starts off the film as a baby who's doted on by her parents. "It just seemed like it was obvious". I'm aware that certain events, phrases, and songs have the ability to trigger memories, but for a fish who has short-term memory loss and had a hard time recalling anything a year ago in "Finding Nemo", she sure is able to remember a lot all of a sudden. Dory, you may recall, suffers from chronic short-term memory loss.

"And then the joke became a reality and then it became about Dory's journey". I think it's important some people do publicly go, 'Hey, I'm not straight and I'm not gay.

The film followed Marlin on an exhausting, danger-filled journey across the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by the forgetful Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), and simultaneously followed Nemo in his new circumstances, hoping that his father finds him before he is taken away by a potentially risky child.

But her new syndicated talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, was a runaway success. And yet, 13 years after the film's release, we are getting one. "Who knows if she is a lesbian?" "Our honest answer is maybe - we didn't ask them", producer Lindsay Collins said.

"Hopefully, if we do another sequel, they better hurry up because at some point my voice is going to change".

I first saw this short film at a Finding Dory early press day a few months back, where minutes before the screening not one person outside of Pixar even knew of this short film's existence.

"Which I find very offensive, that that's the definition of a gay woman. She just thinks anything is possible and she never, for a second, thinks that what you do think is wrong for anybody else or yourself, that you just keep swimming". "She just has a bad hairdresser!" Obviously, it could easily be Animated Feature or bust here, and I do think that's how it will wind up. "So it's a great conversation, whether they intended that woman with the short haircut to be gay or not".

"Finding Dory" opens on Friday in theaters. Little Dory's doting parents are helping their daughter develop skills for dealing with her memory troubles when an undertow whisks her out to sea.

This is why it is "so much more than a cartoon movie", says the star. They shared a photo of the first time their characters met in the film and Levy says he has played a lot of characters with small brains, however, this is the smallest it has ever gotten. "I think I probably dont think the way everybody else thinks, and so theres that". Pixar saves related shorts for their home releases.

Olson, a 40-year-old actress from the television comedy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005 to present), found Dory's learning difficulties a good opportunity to reinforce a lesson she has been teaching her four- and five-year- old sons.

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