Opera Mini browser updated on Windows phones with new native ad-blocker

Opera Mini

Opera browser for Windows 10 Mobile now has an ad blocker Laurent Giret Email @ Jun 16 2016 at 7:26 am 0 Comments

Samsung's default web browser will now let you block ads!

Opera browser on Android and Opera Mini on iOS and Windows Phone are all getting the integrated ad blocking feature.

With the ad blocker enabled, Opera should offer a much cleaner browsing experience on Windows 10 Mobile, as the app's filters are already very effective on other platforms, including Windows 10 PCs.

According to data from PageFair, the number of people using an ad blocker on the mobile web shot up 90% past year to 419 million.

Opera on Thursday announced its ad-blocking tool is now available on all mobile platforms, with the addition to Opera Mini for iOS and Windows Phone, and Opera for Android.

Opera's mobile browser releases now boast the same built-in ad-blocking technology as the desktop release.

Opera has claimed that after the ads getting blocked, not only are the users saved from unnecessary advertising, but also becomes faster. She also added that the users of Opera browser have the ability to fasten their mobile browsing avoid additional charges on data pack and expand their exclusive internet packages even after blocking in the Opera browser intrusive and data-wasting ads and heavy tracking.

Talking about the numbers involved in the above statements, the average amount of data consumed by Opera for Android downloaded per webpage with ad-blocking turned on was 229KB, which is supposedly 84 percent less than Chrome.

However, it added that it would continue to maintain Opera with bug fixes and important security updates - but today, the company has rolled out an update delivering a new feature that's likely to please many of its users on Windows phones. Once the feature is enabled it's going to block any and all ads online. You can get the app from the download link below, but don't forget that WinBeta depends on ads to provide you great content every day!

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