Microsoft lets you eradicate Windows 10 bloatware with new tool

Microsoft lets you eradicate Windows 10 bloatware with new tool

Microsoft lets you eradicate Windows 10 bloatware with new tool

Over the past several decades, Microsoft has been a company which has always been dedicated to the cause of coming out with some of the most innovative updates and upgrades the markets of technology have ever seen.

At present Microsoft is testing a new tool that allows owners of Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices to reinstall Windows from scratch.

Refresh Windows, which must be downloaded from Microsoft's website, now works only on preview builds of 10, those seeded to participants of the Insider program. With its latest OS, Microsoft offered users the ability to "reset" a PC which restores it back to a previous time, this new tool though will wipe out bloatware installed by PC manufacturers, leaving you with a truly clean install.

This tool is now available from the Settings app and installs a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows 10, as well as removing apps that were installed on the PC. Note that in the future, more recent builds will be made available as the clean installation target, including the official Anniversary Update after it is released. The "start fresh" tool also gives the option to automatically preserve user files, but we'd probably keep a backup or two just in case. With the Windows 10 Mobile OS, things are all set to get a major change. Many people perform a clean install of Windows immediately after buying a new PC to clear out the bloatware provided by manufacturers.

For that reason, Refresh Windows would be best used immediately after purchasing a new Windows 10 system, and before the buyer installed any software on the machine.

Microsoft promised to improve and introduce new features on Windows 10.



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