Overwatch Gold Weapons and New Currency Leak

Through Twitter, a user by the handle AppleJ4ck taunted Blizzard following the attack, saying "Don't mind me, just doing some preparations.Take care of my packets, Thanks", and blowing them a kiss.

Ever since Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned Reinhardt's golden hammer in a developer update released earlier this week, fans have been champing at the bit for a peek at the rest of the golden weaponry lineup.

In "Overwatch" Competitive Mode, the span of the season can change from a month to a couple of months.

Filled with great statistics that allow gamers to follow through their development and the development of others, the "Overwatch" competitive mode also allows gamers to check their team's average skill rating, as well as how other players are partied up.

One season will be two and a half months, with about a two-week break between seasons, making four seasons per year. The first season will end on August 18, as seen in this image, which also features the new currency symbol once again. A person's skill rating will be visible to all players and teams themselves will be given an overall skill rating. As each player plays games, their matchmaking rating goes up or down depending on if they win or lose. Also, exclusive rewards will be reserved for top-ranking players. Players of higher skill will make progress towards the golden gun for a hero faster. The mode will offer several unique sprays, player icons and skins that will not be available in loot boxes and can not be purchased with credits; players will have to earn them each season. This mode was created to be a more serious experience, allowing players to hone their skills and flawless their strategies. Kaplan added that they have planned to introduce new heroes and newer maps with more scope for competitive plan.

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