Mike Pence Just Made It More Awkward Trump Isn't Releasing Tax Returns

Mike Pence Just Made It More Awkward Trump Isn't Releasing Tax Returns

"And Donald Trump has created a road map to do that".

News' Meet The Press aired an interview on Sunday morning between host Chuck Todd and Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence.

"As I travel across this country campaigning with Donald Trump and for Donald Trump, I think people hear him loud and clear", Pence said.

But Trump has deferred, saying he can not release his until the IRS completes its audit.

Pence maintained the audit is why Trump has not released his tax returns, though the IRS has said the candidate is free to release them despite the audit.

They also point out that Trump's lawyers have some ability to slow down the audit process as well, so if Team Trump doesn't want a timely release, they can work against that.

Pointing to Hillary Clinton's ongoing email scandal, Pence called the former secretary of state "the most dishonest candidate for President of the United States since Richard Nixon". Trump has destroyed his own emails, failed to release a full disclosure of his business interests and potential conflicts of interest.

Mike Pence delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature at the Statehouse, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Indianapolis.

Todd balked at this, and interrupted Pence as he remarked that Trump "put illegal immigration at the very center of the national debate".

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her vice-presidential pick, Sen. "Once you enforce the law, once you get rid of the criminals, once you triple the number of [immigration] agents, once you secure the southern border, once you turn off the jobs magnet, jobs and benefit magnet, then we'll see where we are", she said after ABC's Martha Raddatz pressed her on the issue.

Chuck Todd claimed that Donald Trump, who refuses to release any personal information to voters, is holding the higher ground over Hillary Clinton on transparency.

Pence added that the server debacle "truly does disqualify her from serving as the president of the United States".

Todd asks Pence to explain why, if Clinton is so dishonest, the Federal Bureau of Investigation chose not to prosecute her. Pence doesn't really have an answer but continues to hit Clinton for the way she handled her emails while serving as Secretary of State.