Gretchen Carlson reportedly recorded Roger Ailes sexually harassing her

Gretchen Carlson reportedly recorded Roger Ailes sexually harassing her

An anonymous source familiar with the suit told New York Magazine that Carlson had started bringing her iPhone to record meetings with Ailes beginning in 2014.

It's Sherman's most detailed writing yet about "the 15 days it took to end the 20-year reign" of Roger Ailes at Fox News after former FNC host Gretchen Carlson filed her sex harassment lawsuit against Ailes. "The transition to a Fox News more dominated by [Megyn] Kelly-style reporting might have been seamless...but for Trump, whose campaign came in and revealed the deep friction between the Fox News founding values of hate, lies and spin and the newer vision".

And the fallout is continuing - Carlson is nearing an eight-figure settlement with Ailes, and there are expected to be further shakeups at Fox, the report said. 'We didn't want to be hacked, ' Smith said.

Taking on Ailes was unsafe, but Carlson was determined to fight back.

Murdoch has taken over operations of both the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network in place of Ailes, but Fox News still faces many challenges ahead.

"The building controversy surrounding Ailes prompted Rupert Murdoch, the Executive Chairman of Fox, to conduct an internal investigation into the Fox News Network and reconsider Ailes" future with Fox.

Ailes' response to Carlson's complaints was reportedly to tell the anchor she was a "man-hater" that needed to learn to "get along with the boys". (The most famous example of this is Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, whom he kept in the fold after the United Kingdom phone-hacking scandal.) Also, Ailes has made the Murdochs a lot of money - Fox News generates more than $1 billion annually, which accounts for 20 percent of 21st Century Fox's profits - and Rupert anxious that perhaps only Ailes could run the network so successfully. Per Sherman, "Laterza told Ailes that his PR chief was being disloyal". "Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee", Ailes told a colleague around this time. Less than a year later, in July 2013, Ailes fired Lewis.

In private, Ailes reportedly fumed that Kelly did not publicly defend him amid the allegations, as Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, and other on-screen talent did.

So important to Fox is Kelly that Lachlan personally approved her reported $6 million book advance from Murdoch-controlled publisher HarperCollins, according to two sources.
An unidentified host told NY magazine that the current management system put into place following Ailes' departure is just a temporary fix until the election concludes. "No one knows what to do", one Fox host said. "After the election, the prime-time lineup could be eviscerated".

Shortly after the network's star Megyn Kelly joined her in accusing Ailes, he was forced to resign. "And [Sean] Hannity will go to Trump TV", the host told NY magazine.