The role of statistics in sports betting

The role of statistics in sports betting

The role of statistics in sports betting

To use statistics in forecasting of every match is not always possible even with best online sports betting sites. Of course, it is difficult to rely on it in the friendly match between two champions. 

If opponents have never played against each other, and play in the championships of different countries, it is not so simple to compare them. Attitude and motivation for friendly games can also be different. Usually, we advise bettors in the online sports gambling to forget about such matches. It is impossible to predict the result. You can make bets guided by the theory of probability and statistics only on matches of the regular season.

Important statistic information

1. Check the position in the standings for betting.

The fact is that the regular season standings almost always display the strength of the team. Of course, it makes no sense to pay attention to the place of the teams after three rounds, but after ten played games you can determine the level of all teams.

2. Face to face meetings.

Be sure that each team has a rival, which is considered inconvenient. Terrible statistics against such opponents may show even a well-known leader. For example, take into account the eternal opposition of Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. Russian tennis player has only two wins and an American - 19, and at the same time, Maria cannot defeat an opponent for 18 matches. Maybe Williams is a stronger player, but the gap between these two tennis legends is not so catastrophic as it was confirmed by statistics at the betting lists.

3. The form of a player or a team.

Sometimes the team is at the bottom of the Tournament table, however, other teams continue to perceive it as a formidable force. For example, in the last season, "Stuttgart", which until then was a respected club not only in Germany but also in Europe, appeared at the end of the standings, but in recent games, the team has managed to achieve some success in a row. Even the "Gert", which rocketed to third place after half of the league race, was the underdog against the "Stuttgart". So, make your bet carefully!


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