Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts on Trump Win: 'It Might Be Good'

Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts on Trump Win: 'It Might Be Good'

The majority of items were obtained from the Rolling Stones' private archives.

The story of one of the most influential Rock and Roll bands in the world, The Rolling Stones, is on display in "Exhibitionism". "The building is still there - it's not a building that's been knocked down or anything, it's right around the corner from where I actually live now", Jagger said. While they have honed a signature scrappy rock "n" roll sound over the decades, they also have spent that time carefully crafting the imagery that has become so strongly associated with the band.

Richards said it's incredible he and Jagger are still alive and that the legendary rock group would be "fairly bland" without their fall outs. Richards snorted his dad's ashes, almost died multiple times, and he and Mick Jagger once got caught doing allegedly questionable things with Marianne Faithfull. So I think a lot of what he says is going to be tempered down. But we'll see, I mean it might be good. "I was like, 'okay, there will be some changes made.' Hopefully they'll be good ones".

Other members of the band have commented, including Ronnie Wood, who said he wasn't surprised what happened after Brexit. "It's a blank spot to me, I'm telling you".

Exhibitionism will run through March at New York's Industria studios and, from there, will travel to 10 cities over the next four years.

Next up for the band is their first new album in a decade, Blue & Lonesome (out December 2), which features covers of classic blues songs with the help of friends like Eric Clapton. So we needed to cleanse the palette and Keith [Richards] said, "Let's play 'Blue & Lonesome" and thankfully we pressed record and we went in to hear it and it was just incredible.

It was just watching the guy enjoying doing what he really can do better than anybody else.

"Before we knew it we had an album in two days, " Wood added.