Chrissy Teigen offers to have BFF Kim Kardashian's next baby

Chrissy Teigen offers to have BFF Kim Kardashian's next baby

Kim Kardashian has made her long-awaited return to Instagram and it involves something pretty surprising.

Paris, in case you need reminding, is kind of a frenemy to Kim and the pair have had an up and down relationship over the years.

Kim, 36, was seen coming to the conclusion that she would be putting her life at risk if she did fall pregnant for a third time, so told mother Kris Jenner that surrogacy was really the only option if she and Kanye wanted more biological children.

Eventually they seemed to make up though, with Paris praising Kim in 2013 for doing "well for herself". Mystery! One thing is certain, by following it on the social networks, Kim Kardashian seems to extend a hand to the rich heiress so that they finally reconcile.

Now it looks like Kim is feeling the love for her old pal - anyone else desperate for a reunion here?

However, it wasn't just Paris that Kimmy K hit the follow button for, Ariana Grande and Sofia Richie were also lucky enough to be added to the list.

One of the first images Kim posted since the robbery features she and daughter North dressed up for Halloween.

Well nearly. If the star of reality TV has not yet posted new pictures on the social network, she always keeps an eye on what happens there.

She's been somewhat silent on her social media accounts and has passed the reigns of her site, app and social channels over to her team and family.

Kim Kardashian is Back on Instagram!