Pakistan plane crash: All 48 on board killed

Pakistan plane crash: All 48 on board killed

The pilot of the ATR-42 turboprop aircraft contacted ground authorities after one engine failed and issued a Mayday call at 4.14 pm local time (1114 GMT), Azam Saigol, the airline's chairman, told a news conference Wednesday in Islamabad. Khan said he had heard that the plane was not fit to fly. But the cause of the crash remains unclear.

The identified were: Ahsan Ghaffar of Gojar Khan, Sami Ullah of DG Khan and Farhad Aziz, Takbir Khan and Nawaz Khan of Chitral. The remains are to be held in forensic labs at hospitals in Islamabad and in the nearby garrison city of Rawalpindi until DNA tests are completed - a process that may take up to six days, according to a Cabinet Minister Tariq Fazal Chaudhry.

"We were confident that the plane could land with one working engine", he said, adding: "I think that there was no technical error or human error. obviously there will be a proper investigation".

Its captain, Saleh Janjua, had logged more than 12,000 flight hours over his career, the airline said.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) resumed its scheduled flights between Islamabad and Chitral on Friday.

The black box of the plane has been found and will be sent to its manufacturer in France for decoding.

May 8, 2015: A Pakistani military helicopter crashes, killing eight people including the Norwegian, Philippine and Indonesian envoys and the wives of Malaysian and Indonesian envoys, and setting a school building ablaze in a remote northern valley of near Gilgit. Clouds of smoke could be seen rising from the area of the reported crash.

Reporters at the site on Thursday saw the plane's wreckage strewn over a 2 kilometer- (1.2 mile-) radius, blackened from the smoke and fire overnight, with clothes, shoes and passenger bags scattered about.

An alleged list of passengers has already appeared on Twitter. We lost an artist in Junaid Jamshed. His friends confirmed that the star was indeed in the plane.

Jamshed, 52, who was believed to be on board with his family, was a recording artist previously awarded a Medal of Excellence by the President of Pakistan. Two years later, an plane operated by a private Pakistani company, with 127 people on board, crashed near Islamabad. But it has a checkered air safety history and suffered three fatal commercial air crashes in 2010 that claimed 185 lives, according to the Aviation Safety Network. The flight was coming in from Karachi.

Raja Aamir, whose mother died in the crash, said: "The sudden death of our mother is great loss for our family - 40 to 50 members of my family have arrived here in Islamabad we don't know where we will stay".

September 28, 1992: A PIA Airbus A300 crashes into a cloud-covered hillside on approach to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu after the plane descended too early, killing 167 people.