All the Super Bowl 51 Commercials You Can Watch Now

Screenshot YouTube

Screenshot YouTube

More than 100 million people throughout the world are expected to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a winner-take-all game pitting the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons.

According to Ad Age's Super Bowl ad tracker, Tiffany & Co. has hired Lady Gaga for an ad while other advertisers include Buick, Audi, Hyundai, WeatherTech, Wonderful Pistachios, Bai, Busch, Fiji Water, Top Games USA, GNC, It's a Ten Haircare, Persil, 84 Lumber, Sprint and Wealthsimple. Last year, Amazon showed how effectively digital can complement traditional TV ads when it created a team to interact with consumers in real-time through hashtags. The NFL avoids this problem with Super Bowl winners by number.

When the game made its debut in 1967, a Super Bowl ad could be had for what now seems like the modest price of $42,000.

What makes TV ads at the Super Bowl so unique?

One rule of thumb suggests a firm should spend an incremental 25 percent of its Super Bowl ad budget to promote the ad.

But if injured stars like Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett can return healthy next season, Seattle has a great chance of reaching Super Bowl LII and claiming the franchise's second Lombardi Trophy. "That we're more united than divided, despite how we might feel right now", says Sheldon.

Lexus is hoping that it can grab some of Apple's coolness by association with this new ad. This covers practices, team meetings and the full week of pregame activities at the host site leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as the game itself. From 2010 through 2016, the game has set the record for America's most-watched television broadcast.

They also say the NFL ratings this season, which the league has attributed in part to the bitterly partisan election, may reflect a softening of interest in the league. Super Bowl advertising is known as a platform for flashy, bold concepts in commercials. Super Bowl ads have become a cultural touchstone. In 2015, Volvo's Greatest Interception campaign rewarded fans who tweeted about the company whenever another auto brand's ad was shown.

If all this makes you wonder "what's going on, eh?", you wouldn't be the first one. But when you're beginning with the assumption that everyone will stay glued to the Super Bowl, you're essentially being given a license to screw around and try something new anyway. However, as most commercials are now released online ahead of the big game, we've gone ahead and started a list of the best commercials we've seen so far. "We'll see a lot in the way of unity, inclusion-themes that bring people together at a time when the country is extremely polarized".

Pauchuk said that while it remains to be seen how effective Bell's incentives will be, it would be a struggle in any case for Canadian advertisers to elevate their game to compete with U.S. Super Bowl marketers, who are able to outspend their Canadian counterparts by at least a power of 10.

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