Over 100000 Visas Revoked After Trump's Travel Ban, Government Lawyer Says

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If those people leave the United States, though, their visas would no longer be valid.

Fewer than 60,000 people had their visas provisionally cancelled after an executive order blocked their travel to the U.S., the State Department has said. It said fewer than 60,000 visas were revoked per the executive order, the Associate Press reports.

Erez Reuveni told U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkerma that 100,000 visas had been revoked by the order. But a State Department official later placed the estimate at nearly half that.

"This order touched something in the United States that I have never seen before", Brinkema said, referring to Trump's immigration order.

For people like the Yemeni brothers, the U.S. administration appears to be attempting a case-by-case reprieve. The hearing was part of efforts to mount a legal challenge to the Trump administration's ban. "I have never seen such a public outpouring before", she said.

"It's quite clear not all the thinking went into it that should have gone into [the executive order]. As a result, there has been chaos". "I think you could nearly hear the collective gasp in the courtroom when the government attorney stated that number that over 100,000 visas have been canceled". That figure-109 detainees-was then subsequently tweeted by President Trump and regurgitated on multiple occasions by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Brinkema also allowed Virginia to intervene in the case, meaning that the lawsuit can continue even if the individual plaintiffs' cases are resolved.

They specifically talked about a doctoral student a GMU student stranded by the order.

Brinkema extended her previous temporary restraining order against removing lawful permanent residents until February 10.

Outside the courthouse, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said he was "really pleased the judge recognized real harm is happening in Virginia". Reuveni said that no one who is a legal permanent resident of the U.S. or a green-card holder was kept from entering the country.

In a filing late on Thursday, Justice Department lawyers argued that Trump was well within his authority to issue the immigration restrictions.

According to Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff, there was an "audible gasp" in the Virginia courtroom when the broader scope of Trump's order was revealed.

Reuveni said he did not know how many people in total were deported over the weekend.

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