Uber calls on citizens of India's Silicon Valley to fight UberPOOL ban

Uber says won't withdraw UberPool services in Bengaluru as ban looms

Uber calls on citizens of India's Silicon Valley to fight UberPOOL ban

In the petition Uber has said through uberPOOL it have preventedmore than 9,364,772 kilometres of unnecessary driving, saved4,40,623 litres of fuel by allowing us to match riders using similarroutes, cut over 1,037,000 kg of Carbon dioxide emissions by sharing a ride.Most importantly more people get into fewer cars through innovationssuch as uberPOOL, and giving riders a real alternative to owning acar.

The dispute between the Karnataka government and cab aggregators on the recent ban on carpooling services across the city has received a mixed response. Uber also started an aggressive '#SwitchtoPOOL' campaign to promote the service. Such a permit only allows for point-to-point pick ups and drops.

Though Aiyappa has said that if any driver is found continuing ride-sharing services from Friday, the state will take action but looks like, Uber is in no mood to concede. There is a clear understanding between all the riders on the trip and the driver partner that the trip and the vehicle will be shared.

Both companies had a meeting with state authorities on Tuesday following which they were given time till Friday to stop their services. When a rider chooses UberPOOL through the Uber app, he or she consents to another person sharing the trip.

To support ride-sharing with Ola, visit the companies Facebook or twitter page.

They said "the law permits a contract carriage permit holder to stop to pick up or set down passengers who are included in the contractual understanding with the driver. We will address their concerns and them into confidence and convince them to allow us to continue ride sharing service", Freese told FE.

Freese said Bengaluru is the fifth-largest market for UberPOOL, with about one-fouth of all the trips fulfilled by Uber in Bengaluru are POOL rides. A senior official of the State Transport Department said when there was no law to regulate the taxi aggregators unlike in New Delhi, where taxi aggregators are governed by Radio Taxi Scheme, 2006, there was no basis on which ridesharing could be banned or regulated.

Bengaluru is no doubt one of the biggest, most influential market for Uber in India, and they simply can not allow to ruin it. "Help make sure our city moves forward on ride sharing, through products like uberPOOL and uberMOTO". "There is a provision for this under the Motor Vehicles Act and we will go as per that".

Since the Karnataka government's order, both Uber and Ola have been aggressively touting statistics about how carpooling leads to reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

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