Historic preemie hippo takes her first steps, gets a name

There's good news about baby Fiona after a shaky few days

There's good news about baby Fiona after a shaky few days

Some very encouraging news was announced by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden on Sunday.

Fiona is a resident of Cincinnati Zoo and was born 6 weeks too early.

Even though Fiona she can't nurse yet, she's still getting nutrients from her mother's milk.

A wobbly-legged prematurely born hippo baby has set hearts racing after it was filmed taking its first steps at Cincinnati Zoo. According to the Zoo's website, the baby has experienced both ups and downs while under the watchful eye of intensive care staff.

The zoo has provided around-the-clock intensive care to keep her alive. Hippo's are nocturnal, so it's not surprising that she would get a burst of energy when most people are sleeping. But "every baby needs a name", they said.

She is kept close enough to her parents so they can hear and smell each other, the zoo said in an official statement. She struggled with a poor suckling response.

Fiona has been getting special care since she was born on January 24.to help her gain weight and get stronger.

The little hippo's fight to survive caught the eye of another team of caregivers.

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