Valentine's Day comes to 'Pokémon Go' with bonus Candy

"Pokémon Go is celebrating Valentine's

Pokémon Go players, it's time for another big event! While this Valentine's Day event is a nice distraction, most Pokemon Go players are hoping some more Pokemon.or new features are in the game's immediate future.

During the event, all players will receive double the amount of candy when catching, hatching and transferring Pokémon.

"Your Buddy Pokémon is also getting into the Valentine's Day spirit and will find Candy twice as fast!"

Additionally, you'll see more pink Pokémon in the wild, like include Chansey and Clefable. Lures will also last six hours instead of 30 minutes for the duration of the event.

The event started today at 11am Pacific and runs until the same time on February 15th. In addition, Pokemon like Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will have a higher chance of hatching from Eggs.

If you were looking for a good incentive to dive back into the world of Pokemon GO, then Niantic has just given you multiple reasons to do so. I can't say I support the notion - anticipation is useful for creating excitement around a game - but for maybe Niantic is shy after the rebuke after their not-quite rollout of Gen 2. There is going to be plenty going on for the next week, from extra sweets to help evolve your Pokemon to lures that'll last for hours.

Since a year ago, Niantic has launched notable "Pokemon GO" updates during special events.

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