Trump slams senator who made Supreme Court nominee's criticism public

Gorsuch Launches Charm Offensive On Capitol Hill

A test for Supreme Court nominee: Will he stand up to Trump? | Moran

"The fact is that President Trump won the election, and he gets to pick the justice". The more the courts align against him, crossing virtually all ideological and political divisions to do so, the more he insists they are partisan and "political" and willfully endangering the country. Indeed, Blumenthal reported that Gorsuch wasn't even willing to state publicly his tepid criticism of Trump.

The outcry against Trump's not-so-veiled threats was swift and bipartisan.

Trump's attacks on the judiciary are highly unusual for a sitting president.

The Republican National Committee sent an email to media Thursday noting that Donnelly had been invited to meet with Trump.

"Clearly he wanted this to be seen as a marker of his independence", Schumer wrote, "because his handlers immediately told us, 'You can tell this to the press'".

"We also talked about Indian law and treaties, fixing our criminal justice system, and empathy on the bench - a fundamental trait when the poor and underprivileged in North Dakota and beyond don't have the same access to the courts as those who are better off", Heitkamp added. Capito for indicating that she will vote for Judge Gorsuch and I urge Sen. It's not unusual for U.S. presidents to disagree with court judgements. By acting like a court. He accompanies that with a vow to fill the next vacancy - whether it is produced by the death or resignation of a Republican-appointed justice or one appointed by a Democrat, a gamble for everyone - with Judge Garland, vowing to ask Republicans to support that selection.

Vice President Mike Pence said Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Supreme Court "one way or the other", in a speech delivered in Philadelphia on February 4.

As a candidate, Donald Trump famously impugned the integrity of a federal judge presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University, suggesting he couldn't be impartial because of his Mexican ancestry.

Constitutional limitations on the political branches of the federal government are not always popular, which is why the judiciary needs to be independent. "It makes the case that he's an independent jurist". Gorsuch's record has been to defer to that kind of executive authority, whether exercised by police officers or a state's governor, and not to question it as a judge or allow other judges to do so. It was a Supreme Court committed to the Constitution's guarantee of equal treatment under the law that overturned forced segregation in public schools and oversaw the enforcement of civil rights laws in the face of massive resistance.

"He certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralizing and abhorrent comments made by President Trump about the judiciary", Sen.

"I think the president's comments speak for themselves", he said. Steve Daines, R-Montana, told ABC's "Powerhouse Politics" podcast on Thursday, shortly after an hour-long private meeting with Gorsuch. And look at that squirrel over there!

Trump's criticism shattered a USA political tradition that members of the executive branch and legislative branch refrained from commenting on judicial decisions. "So to take what he said about a generalization and apply it to a specific is exactly what he intended not to do". I'm not sure this is right. And that's what Senator Ayotte was saying. Regardless of whether it might affect his confirmation vote (it seems likely to have improved Democrats' opinion of him), one has to wonder if such a comment might so vex the sensitive president that Gorsuch's nomination could be withdrawn.

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