Oracle Announces Four New IoT Cloud Applications

Oracle Announces Four New IoT Cloud Applications

Given the Oracle Cloud portfolio supports a range of public, private and hybrid cloud developments and all he data and workloads that comes with such systems, it covers a broad range of enterprise and business data sets that have access to useful information which when analysed can be used to improve a enterprise's operations or spot new business opportunities. The IoT applications will have the ability to support connections to important business processes, interpretation and analysis of IoT signals, and registration of devices and collection of data from them.

"This expansion in the local cloud market reflects our commitment to meet growing customer demand for new solutions as they seek to transform and boost their competitive advantage", he says. These applications interpret IoT device signals by employing advanced predictive analytics. Oracle's IoT applications will apply predictive analytics in real-time to the signals from the devices and calculate the key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to the business.

Oracle's new cloud applications will help businesses monitor productivity, assets, fleets and individuals, and the announcement comes just a week after the software giant agreed a 'Power IoT Ecosystem Partnership' with telecoms equipment company Huawei.

By using a flow-based declarative user interface in tandem with release management capabilities, the service is created to help organizations improve their productivity and code management, as well as their development, testing, and production environments.

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud is fully integrated with Big Red's other PaaS offerings and it also has pre-built integration for non-Oracle solutions.

IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud: This cloud-based application will help in monitoring the utilization and availability of assets.

"The new Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service has substantial automation that improves the speed of ordering, provisioning, and deployment of the platform service".

"We have a wide range of Oracle and non-Oracle data sources that the Oracle Data Integrator Cloud service integrates with. We see tremendous potential in IoT to drive predictive maintenance of industrial robots", said Scott Rogers, Technical Director, Noble Plastics. "This will enhance product quality, production efficiency and throughput while controlling costs".