Laverne Cox Calls On Grammys Audience To 'Google Gavin Grimm'

Here's why Laverne Cox told you

Here's why Laverne Cox told you to"Google Gavin Grimm."Image Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

The actress also posted information about Grimm to her Instagram and Twitter feeds. Cox is one of Hollywood's most high-profile transgender actresses and she uses her celebrity status to speak about LGBT issues. "I was really touched and thrilled and honored that that was the first thing out of her mouth".

With the passing of anti-LGBT justice Antonin Scalia past year, the Supreme Court now consists of eight members.

Gavin Grimm attends as National Geographic hosts the world premiere screening of "Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric" on February 2, 2017 in New York City. Even though Grimm had used the boys' restroom without incident for nearly two months, the school board caved to demands from angry parents and conservative activists to approve that policy. Now in senior year, Grimm's case has reached the Supreme Court and will be heard on March 28.

ACLU attorney Josh Block told NBC News that Grimm's case has taken on a new significance with President Trump now overseeing federal agencies like the Department of Education.

A Washington Post profile story described Grimm's journey. "With a presidential new administration, these protections are more critical than ever".

"Could you imagine being 17 years old, having to go to the Supreme Court to fight for the same rights as anybody else?" "As a parent, that's all you really need to support your child".

But the school board decided on assigning Grimm to a seperate facility, sparking the lawsuit that will now be considered by the Supreme Court. The case is closely tied to the Obama administration's request in May 2016 that all United States public schools allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice or risk losing federal funding.

Speaking out about his case, Gavin said: "I realise now this is much bigger than myself". Cox signed off her introduction by referring to "Ladies and gentlemen and all my gender non-binary peeps tonight". Should the court deadlock on Grimm's case, the appeals decision will stand and that ruling could have positive ramifications for trans students around the nation. "His case isn't just about which bathroom he can use, it's about whether trans and queer kids are welcome in school". The ACLU created a video to humanize Grimm.

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