Sinkhole swallows cars in California

Sinkhole swallows cars in California

Two cars fell into a massive sinkhole that opened in a Studio City street Friday night. Water could be seen flowing in the 20-foot hole underneath the roadway.

Ambulances and rescue crews responded to calls of a vehicle inside the sinkhole at Laurel Canyon south of Ventura Boulevard.

"That was a very unique and risky incident that happened in an area called Studio City", said Captain Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department said to the BBC.

Amateur video showed one of the cars inside the sinkhole and firefighters at the scene on Friday evening. Upon arriving, firefighters found one auto upside down in a deep and dark sinkhole, full of rushing water.

It formed in the 12000 block of Woodbridge St. where the road meets Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Water started coming into the vehicle and she tried to raise the windows, which didn't work, Scott said.

"She said she thought she was going to die", Scott said. The woman told firefighters that while she was driving, she felt the vehicle tilt to the left before it tumbled into the sinkhole and the airbags deployed.

The city advises drivers to avoid the area.

Officials said the woman was driving and felt her vehicle lean to the left seconds before tumbling into the sinkhole.