Browns sound infatuated with one draft QB, not so much RG3

Cleveland Browns negotiate with Terrelle Pryor, don't use franchise tag

2017 NFL Combine results: Mitch Trubisky measures in over 6'2

Some guys play better when they are at home, some guys don't. But there are other factors that are factored in there, too, about arm talent, processing and all of the other things we talked about. But he's a good player. Smith has struggled with ball security issues during his time in NY, two years of which he was the starter.

The combine festivities continued Thursday with more National Football League head coaches and general managers meeting with the hundreds of reporters in attendance.

That sounds like something Jackson would like. But he almost led a comeback in the final minute before a 2-point conversion failed and believes that showed something to National Football League teams.

Trubisky is scheduled to meet with the Browns Friday night for a formal interview.

Trubisky refuted that he only had one season.

"That said, we're not going to panic if he's not back".

"I wouldn't comment on a player on another team".

"I was really prepared well at North Carolina by (my) coach", he said. "But definitely the best way for me to excel my game is to be in there and play".

"I'm confident in who I am and I'm confident that I can be a franchise quarterback at the next level", he said.

On the limited experience, Jackson wasn't daunted by it. We all have a profile for what we like a quarterback to be, and I think you kind of work through that. Trubisky threw 30 touchdown passes and six interceptions in 2016. 2007: Brady Quinn, 22nd overall, 3-9.

The Browns reportedly have four players on their radar for the No. 1 overall selection, which includes Trubisky, Garrett, Watson, and Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, according to Cabot. I think that's really important. The rumors are out in full force this week, what with the start of the NFL's annual scouting combine in Indianapolis, and one that hit on Thursday afternoon is sure to send out at least some minor shockwaves to those that closely follow the draft. That's why we're here, to spend more time with them to and see what they know and what they don't know and how we can help them and how they would fit in our system. "He's doing what he needs to do, and we need to do what we need to do, which is continue to move forward".

Jackson said he will once again be very "hands-on" during this process of finding a quarterback.

"I think because chronologically they're so separated ... we'll have a pretty good idea of what's available in free agency and have plenty of time to adjust and understand what's available in the draft", Brown said.

Even though adding a quarterback is needed, would you really be okay with them taking one first overall?

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