EPA Won't Require Methane Data From Oil, Gas Companies

Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks in Washington. Pruitt occasionally used private email to communicate with staff while serving as Oklahoma’s attorney general despite telli

Donald Trump plans to cut spending on EPA climate change programme by 70%

Unfortunately-and unconscionably-the U.S. Senate has voted in as director of the critically important Environmental Protection Agency a man, Scott Pruitt, who doesn't accept the scientific consensus that human-generated Carbon dioxide emissions are a significant cause of climate change.

The press release notes that the withdrawal came after the agency received a letter on Wednesday from nine state attorneys general and two governors of states with fossil fuel interests.

In a press release, the agency announced that, effective immediately, an Obama-era information collection request has been cancelled.

The standards for 2022-25 were subject to a review in December but the EPA concluded that no revision was necessary and finalized the rule one week before the start of Donald Trump's presidency.

"By taking this step, EPA is signalling that we take these concerns seriously and are committed to strengthening our partnership with the states, " Pruitt said in a statement.

The rule on methane emission reporting, part of efforts to combat climate change by reducing said emissions, was issued in a directive from the EPA in November a year ago.

The new EPA administrator, however, has a different take.

The move also happened just days after the White House proposed to reduce by at least 20 percent EPA's budget.

Trump's proposal will however be the first blow in a lengthy battle to push through widespread budget reductions in order to finance a huge increase in military spending.

The recent EPA decision, however, could result in more greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere in the absence of environmental tracking.

In 2016, EPA sent letters to more than 15,000 owners and operators in the oil and gas industry, requiring them to provide information [regarding 1) methane emissions and 2) other operational data].

However, opponents of these methane regulations argued that the request was burdensome and unnecessary, as the industry (which sells methane) already had an economic interest in preventing emissions.

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