New Overwatch Character, Orisa, Hits PTR Servers

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'Overwatch' just got a brand-new hero

Guided by Efi and her growing sense of duty, Orisa stands ready to become the shield to protect Numbani from any threat. In a developer update, Jeff Kaplan goes through some of the inspiration for Orisa, which you can watch in the video below, but I'll go over a few of the main points if you don't have time to watch the almost thirteen minute video. After the war, they were taken out of production, along with numerous other models used during the crisis.

The character is an Omnic that was damaged in Doomfist's attack on the Numbani airport. While most citizens of Numbani gave up on their Omnic protectors, Efi did not. This is a powerful ability that can be used by Orisa to push forward and pressure the enemy in Overwatch.

Blizzard announced today that the next hero to hit Overwatch will be a huge robotic centaur named Orisa.

Mechanically, Orisa is a tank.

Orisa is described on the Overwatch website as a tank and a "central anchor of her team". Her Halt! is a mini Zarya ultimate, Protective Barrier is a great, small Reinhardt alternative, and Supercharger feels just like a Mercy boost.

And for those interested in her origin story, look no further! Orisa's barrier has 900 health, which means it takes three rockets from Pharah to crack, and a total of eight to be destroyed. "And what we mean by that is that Reinhardt nearly anchors the entire team".

To address why Overwatch has chose to add another tank, Kaplan states, "We wanted another tank that teams could build around and position around". I will get behind Orisa.

She certainly seems like she could be useful, but going by her skins, voice lines and the like, she's a bit lacking in the personality department to me.

Kaplan also spoke about how all of the current characters have played a part in the larger history of the game. I'm not suggesting you won't see the likes of Winston, D.Va or Reinhardt (Reinhardt will always have a place), but I think we'll see them a damn sight less. "So that was fun for us to explore as well".

Overwatch has it's 24th hero, and it's the first new tank to be added to the roster. Of course, it may ultimately be that Efi's homemade hero will soften their stances - though we won't find out whether that'd be so until they patch in the character interactions.

Orisa is playable right now on the PTR (Pubic Test Realm) server. There isn't a date for her official release. Think Winston's bubble, but Orisa is able to deploy hers at range.

Orissa is a tank hero. How long will players wait for the hero to be revealed?

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