PA Gov Asks DOJ To Investigate Jewish Attacks As Hate Crimes

Headstones toppled in Brooklyn Jewish cemetery

Headstones found toppled at another Jewish cemetery

It is the third known case of a Jewish cemetery being desecrated in the USA in the last two weeks.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Police Department responded to the Jewish cemetery and discovered hundreds of headstones were toppled and damaged.

Cuomo is calling for the probe into the report at least five headstones were pushed over at the Waad Hakolel Cemetery, also known as the Stone Road Cemetery.

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Police Captain Fredrick Lemons says they have no viable leads, after checking on several tips since the vandalism occurred. It was incorporated in the 1920s, and is essentially a collection of sections owned by various Jewish congregations or organizations, said Gullack. There was no immediate comment from officials at the cemetery. "It's nearly just an act that's unconscionable when you're a younger person and you think about your parents, and would you like them doing that to you, I don't even think that goes through their mind".

Meredith Dragon is the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, and she's glad officials are showing a lot of concern about these incidents.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo formed a hate-crime police task force previous year and started a hotline to report incidents.

"The recent increase in anti-Semitic threats and acts of intolerance is disturbing, unacceptable, and directly contradicts New York's core values of tolerance and diversity", Cuomo said in a statement.

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