Railways set to make Aadhaar mandatory for booking tickets from April 1

Aadhaar card may become mandatory for online train ticket booking

IRCTC to make Aadhaar Card Compulsory for booking Online Tickets

"Truck drivers will get time to rest and can operate during daytime too when their entry is restricted", a Northern Railway official said.

On 2 March, Thursday, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu presented the new business plan 2017-18, where he said that the Railways will now be moving towards a cashless ticketing system. "But we made a decision to set goals for ourselves and take accountability for the tasks to be undertaken this year", Prabhu said.

The document said, "It is planned in 2017-18 to appraise in detail the Container Operations on the potential sectors: India-Bangladesh (Gede-Darshana interchange of railways), India-Pakistan (Attari-Wagah Border interchange), Pakistan-Iran (Zahedan interchange yard with break of gauge) and Iran-Turkey (Razi-Kapikrule with standard guage)".

A new train of thought from Indian Railways will help unclog the National Capital Region's traffic-packed roads and help residents breathe more easily. Already for train tickets for senior citizens, Indian Railways requires Aadhaar.

The plan includes 50 actionable initiatives, including the upgrade of delivery systems, introducing policy for long-term contracts with major freight customers, bringing in double stack dwarf containers and introducing the roll-on-roll-off (RORO) facility.

The railways saw a dip in freight earnings in the current fiscal due to sluggish coal transportation.

Rail tourism: Meeting demands surges through adequate special trains and coaches.

The new business plan also envisages launching of new tourist trains connecting hill stations and enhancing passenger comfort and providing pleasurable journey experience through improving amenities and catering service. Through these non-fare revenue sources, Indian Railways plans to generate revenue of over Rs15,000 crore over the next few years.

The railways has been constantly changing its freight policies and rationalising them in consultation with stakeholders to attract more freight.

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