Turkey Vows to Wrestle Control of Manbij From Syrian Kurds

Tehran-Ankara Tensions Won’t Lead to Confrontation

Tehran Ankara Tensions Won’t Lead to Confrontation

Syrian forces too have fought with Turkish-backed personnel to keep them from expanding beyond al-Bab.

The operation aims to provide security, support USA -led coalition forces, and eliminate the terrorist presence along Syria's northern border with Turkey. "We stated earlier that Turkey will hit the YPG unless they withdraw from Manbij". "We know the USA hasn't picked the YPG as ally", he said.

Turkey considers the Kurdish forces a terrorist organization, linked to its home-grown Kurdish insurgency.

He also said the Russian move in the area didnít affect US forces and the coalition run training camps near Manbij.

Pentagon was anxious about Turkish offensive to the city because it would underming ongoing SDF offensive against Raqqa, since the YPG forces would move back to Manbij to defend the city.

Last month Erdogan and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Iran of trying to destabilize Syria and Iraq and of sectarianism, prompting Tehran to summon Ankara's ambassador. "We don't want our USA allies to maintain a relationship with a terrorist organization that targets us".

The new Trump administration's policy on the PYD is still emerging.

Manbij Military Council, a local component of largely YPG-led SDF, announced on Thursday that it had reached a deal with Syrian regime to create a buffer zone against Turkish-backed forces who held the territories in the west of Manbij.

"We have said that we would strike if the YPG fails to withdraw", Cavusoglu said, using the acronym of a prominent Syrian Kurdish militant group.

Turkey sees no risk of a "face-off" with American troops in Manbij, he said.

Thousands of Syrians, mostly women and children, have fled their homes this week as regime troops advance, according to observers.

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