High winds take down power lines, trees

High wind knocks out power to 210000 Michigan customers

High winds present challenge for Consumers Energy

These are non-storm winds as temps will be near 50 degrees and we will see some decent sunshine today. The last major event of this kind was in November 2013 where gusts were recorded over 60 miles per hour inland and over 70 miles per hour at the lakeshore. Consumers Energy has 162,311 customers without power in the state, and DTE Energy has over 250,000 customers with no power. We will likely be dealing with power outages through the afternoon and evening and there's a cold front on the way. As of noon, that number had grown to 852.

The majority of the outages in the Tri-Cities area, according to the Consumers Energy Power Outage map, are on the outskirts of Saginaw and Bay City limits.

Assume the wire is hot.

Power outage numbers continued to rise across Mid-Michigan as ever-strengthening winds continued to bring down power lines and trees Wednesday.

In this video, workers from Alpena Power and the Alpena Township Fire Department worked to remove a tree that fell on top of a power line on North Partridge Point Road; the tree was smoking and briefly caught fire.

If a fallen power line comes in contact with your vehicle, STAY INSIDE until help arrives.

Be especially cautious near metal fences around the area.

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