The First Poster for Game of Thrones Season 7 is Here

Game of Thrones season 7: Check out the first, utterly useless poster

Game of Thrones Season 7: Check out air date, spoilers and more details here

HBO announced the return of its epic fantasy series Game of Thrones by melting a giant block of ice live on its Facebook page.

Season six ended with enough set up that we are sure there will be some major showdowns between the dragons, White Walkers, kings, queens, and more.

Even the first poster for the new season is all about the fire and the ice.

Actor Liam Cunnigham, who plays Davos Seaworth on the show, had recently let it slip that the season will premiere sometime in July. Her visit to Alberta left fans wondering whether a reunion between Arya Stark and her direwolf Nymeria was in the cards.

The seventh series of fantasy epic Game Of Thrones will come to United Kingdom screens on July 17, it has been announced. It may be summer for us - but winter is coming to Westeros and these characters will never be the same. Fans had to wait more than an hour for a block of ice to melt down to show the date, but in the end, the information was revealed. The network made the announcement via Facebook Live on March 9, but it was more than just simply saying the date. From the beginning, it's looked like Jon Snow represents the ice, and Daenerys Targeryen is the fire.

It has been quite awhile since the explosive (literally) finale of Game of Thrones' sixth season.

Right after that, the official Game of Thrones Twitter posted a 1:30 cryptic teaser. This is will be the penultimate season of the series and will have only seven episodes. "There's only one war that passes: the great war", Jon Snow's voice says in the background.

The later airdate means that Season 7 will miss the eligibility window for the upcoming 2017 Emmys.

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