Trump budget would gut Coast Guard

President Trump will gut Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA to pay for his border wall, immigrant roundups

Trump wants to make America safe again by gutting Coast Guard and TSA budgets

And yet, it appears the Coast Guard once again needs our voices of support. Their operating budget could get slashed by more than a billion dollars, according to several national media outlets.

Under the proposal, the administration would cut $1.3 billion from the Coast Guard's budget, which is a 14% reduction over a year ago.

"He's scathing about this directive", Courtney said of Rep.

"I would obviously need to see details". The Coast Guard plays an important role in combating both.

Reducing FEMA, TSA and the Coast Guard's budget, all of which are under the Department of Homeland Security, would be a straightforward way to fund the initial phases of Trump's border wall project without going to Congress for approval of additional funds. "In fact, it's 1.5 percent of the nation's counter-narcotics budget, but it does four to five times as many confiscations as everyone else put together".

The Senators note that Coast Guard funding has already been allowed to slip well below the levels necessary to fulfill its mission and maintain its equipment and infrastructure.

To take this inquiry further, if the Coast Guard was ensconced within the Defense Department, perhaps it would be looking at a budget boost under Trump-promised increases in military spending instead of a 14% spending cut?

Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) also weighed in, via Twitter. Now, the plan is the USA will pay for the wall and seek repayment from Mexico when the wall is done. "The President and his Cabinet are working collaboratively as we speak to create a budget that keeps the President's promises".

A Trump administration scheme to slash the Coast Guard, airport security, and other agencies focused on national security threats in order to help pay for a U.S. -Mexico border wall and thousands of new federal agents would cover only a tiny portion of president's proposed - and costly - immigration enforcement plan. These cuts will reduce the ability of these and other agencies to accomplish their core missions. These cuts, critics say, would undermine progress made in recent years in refining the national response system in local communities throughout the country. Our region has frequently relied upon disaster assistance from FEMA in the past. It has not yet been officially proposed as the president's budget plan, which is due to Congress within the next few weeks, and could be altered as a result of this public disclosure.

But another, more tangible part of keeping America safe is making sure the country's airports, airplanes, trains, and ports are secure.

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