Hamilton marijuana dispensary raided by Toronto police

Marc Emery who owns the Cannabis Culture brand with his wife Jodie right gestures at the opening of one of their pot stores Thursday

'Prince' and 'Princess of Pot' reportedly arrested at Toronto airport

They're calling it Project Gator, targeted against the boutique pot shops that have been popping up all over.

Marc and Jodie Emery are set to appear Friday alongside three others associated with the couple who were also charged on Thursday, including the owners of the Toronto location of the Cannabis Culture shop.

First, Canada's "prince and princess of pot" were arrested at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Wednesday evening before getting on a plane to attend the 2017 Spannabis Conference in Barcelona.

The Emerys own the Cannabis Culture brand, which is used by 19 marijuana dispensaries in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Ottawa police also confirmed to the Star that a police operation was taking place at a Cannabis Culture store on Bank St. but wouldn't provide any more details until investigation is complete.

"Our history of enforcing the law against illegal cannabis dispensaries is well established", he said.

The Emerys were not granted bail and will appear again at Old City Hall court on Friday. Lloyd says the Emerys are due in a Toronto courtroom on Thursday.

"I can't talk about the arrests, but they are dispensary related", he said. Seven Cannabis Culture locations, including five in Toronto, one in Hamilton and another in Vancouver, were searched, along with two homes in Toronto, one in Vancouver and another in the GTA.

The court was filled with about a dozen of Emery supporters, advocates of medical marijuana and pot dispensary stakeholders.

The Vancouver-based Emery, known as Canada's "Prince of Pot", has been a long-time advocate of worldwide cannabis policy and reform and has also protested against Sunday shopping laws, obscenity laws, political endorsement of sporting events, Canadian censorship and several taxes.

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