Lorde Announces Release Date for Her Upcoming Album Melodrama

Lorde Unveils 'Melodrama' Release Date With Moving New Song 'Liability'

Lorde announced the release date of her new album'Melodrama' and shared a poignant new piano ballad"Liability."More

After making us dance up a storm with her upbeat "Green Light" video last week, Lorde is slowing things down with the second taste of Melodrama.

And the star has admitted producer Jack Antonoff "pushed" her a lot whilst creating the album.

The music video for the track has had18 million views in just one week.

Hot on the heels of "Green Light", Lorde has chose to bless the world with yet another new song - and it's about to wreck your heart. Lorde is on fire, to say the least.

Nicki Minaj drops three new songs with Lil Wayne and Drake, including Remy Ma diss trackThe 20-year-old singer has dropped her new song Liability from her upcoming album Melodrama.

As you listen to the gorgeous song, let us remind you that this woman is not even legal yet. Adding, that it really spoke to her because of where she was in her life at the time. "I'm a liability, get you wild make you leave". "I was in this cab alone listening to Higher by Rihanna because Anti had just come out", she said.

Despite the angst in her lyrics, in person, she comes off as calm, and very comfortable in her own skin.

Debuted on Beats 1, Lorde gave an insight to the track to Zane Lowe, detailing her own emotions around it. Tell us in the comments! And I really had this moment of... And it's gonna be... oh my God I can't wait for you to see it.

The full album is set to be released on 16 June and pre-orders are open now.

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