A attractive sendoff - and exciting future - in 'The Vampire Diaries' series finale

The Vampire Diaries Stars Reflect on Filming the Emotional Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries kept things interesting

And if Katherine is there when she does it, she's gone for good, too.

The moment has finally come.

As we tell our readers, it's best to avoid social media if you are planning on watching the final season on Netflix for the next week. "And then if it feels like it should be over, then it should be over". Caroline says she promised Alaric she wouldn't leave them motherless. She tells him to go ahead to the armory and he will never have to tell them that. But if Delena lived a long and lovely life together, Why did they seem so young in this Final Series of The Vampire Diaries? Because after eight years, some better, some worse, The Vampire Diaries has ended on a devastating note.

Which brings us to the series finale, which takes the last two seasons of middling villains, confusing mythology, and repetitive, confused redemption stories and manages to craft them into an ending that both respects those floundering journeys and also wraps them into a package that gives each character emotional closure. Elena promises she likes Damon just the way he is and kisses him to prove it.

It was only then that the final decision was made.

Most people cite The Vampire Diaries' most impressive attribute as its ability to churn through plot, but, for me, its strength has always been its commitment to character-driven melodrama. Television president Peter Roth suggested it that it became the official plan. And then when I come back on the other side of that I'm going to go back to work'. "And so it was their idea that validated my instinct and so we were all on the same page".

The cast and crew assured that the last episode of the CW hit series will definitely melt hearts. This last-ever episode of "The Vampire Diaries" starts off with a bang, and our whole final hour in Mystic Falls is quite an emotional ride. Stefan insists he stay in Mystic Falls to save Elena's body, making up to everybody for his Ripper times, and for just a moment it appears Damon will let him once he points out that his now-human life is just a blink compared to the eternity he has waiting for him when Elena wakes up. From the beginning, we wanted to write a show about a family.

Damon Accepting Vampire Elena: Elena changed when she joined the undead, and her friends weren't thrilled about it. Damon, however, said he'd never seen her more alive.

We started out as fetuses.

So, naturally, The Vampire Diaries finale left more questions than answers for fans to sort through. As much as the series was about monsters and mayhem and love triangles, as much as Elena was important to the show, at its heart it was always a story about two brothers who were tragically, permanently tied to each other via a series of both disgusting and wonderful events.

The co-creator has also revived the importance of some key features, such as "Hello Brother", from The Vampire Diaries and present in the Series Finale.

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