Trump travel ban puts US World Cup bid in danger

FIFA: Trump's Travel Ban Could Hurt US Efforts To Host The 2026 World Cup

FIFA president: Trump travel ban could mean no World Cup in USA in 2026

The World Cup will expand to 48 teams by the time 2026 rolls around and although qualifying wouldn't begin for another five years, Federation Internationale de Football Association wouldn't be able to award the bid to the United States with the current ban in place as it would create a major issue if any of those six teams were to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

"We are now in the process of defining the bid requirements.The requirements will be clear".

"That is obvious. The requirements will be clear".

It's unclear how or whether the ban would actually affect the 2026 World Cup, given that it won't take place until after Trump leaves office. India, where the Tibetan players live, is not among the seven countries listed in Trump's original ban, or the six included in the new one.

Full requirements for bidding will soon be revealed. "And then each country can make up their decision, whether they want to bid or not based on the requirements", he said.

And as the most-watched sporting event in the world, it's a major opportunity for the USA to demonstrate "soft power" - to expand its influence by appearing attractive to the world and showcasing desirable cultural values. Under revised regulations unveiled this week they'd be barred from entering the U.S. Infantino pointed out the Los Angeles's competition with Paris to host the 2024 Summer Olympics might also be affected by Trump's policy.

CONCACAF, which includes the U.S., Mexico and Canada, has not hosted since 1994 and is now the favorite for 2026.

"Whenever you have the feeling you have seen everything, something else comes along that you've never seen before", Infantino told reporters in London following a FIFA executive football summit. The U.S. hasn't hosted a World Cup since 1994.

Only one of the countries now banned under Trump's recently revised travel ban has qualified for the World Cup in the past: Iran, which has made it to the final rounds four times. But with the current political situation in turmoil, CONCACAF's rumored tri-nation bid between the US, Mexico, and Canada could be shot down by the ban.

Ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter announces Qatar as host of the 2022 World Cup.

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