Daylight saving time resumes March 12

Daylight saving time change Sunday could affect road safety

Daylight saving time resumes March 12

We'll go back to Standard Time on Sunday, Nov. 5.

If you're here, you care, and the correct name is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time. "Our main crop is sweet corn, but in Georgia, we grow green beans, and you can't harvest green beans until the dew dries off".

Daylight saving time is Sunday, but doctors are more concerned with the two days after.

But a daylight savings revolution won't happen overnight. Russian Federation tried year-round daylight savings in 2011, but permanently got rid of it three years later. This caused widespread confusion, especially in transport and broadcasting, according to

However, American farmers objected to the change, as it eliminated an hour of their morning light (it's a myth that daylight saving time helps farmers). As CNN said this past week in an exploration of truths and myths surrounding our ritual time change, "Fewer and fewer of us think it's worth the trouble".

A rule of thumb, WebMD notes, is it takes about a day to adjust but it varies by individual.

Arizona is very hot (a fact to which I can attest).

Making the switch to Daylight Saving Time should also mean shutting off your electronic devices before bed because their artificial light stops the body from producing sleep-inducing melatonin. In the case of IN, the state was split between Eastern and Central Time Zones, causing Daylight Saving Time inconsistency until the whole state jumped into the Eastern Time Zone IN 2006.

Indiana no more. Western Indiana used to be even more confusing as some counties and cities observed daylight saving while others did not. In 1916, during World War I, the country began saving daylight to conserve electricity.

So Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966 to standardize daylight saving time.

The practice did not change as a result of the letter, but in protest, she kept her family on standard time that summer.

On Monday, Monday, a bill will be introduced in the Colorado Legislature that would make daylight saving time year-round.

The annual rite of spring happens at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning when most of the nation moves the clock ahead one hour. With the sun rising an hour later, they argued they were having to wait too long to pick their produce. "You can also purchase a 10-year smoke detector".

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