Scarlett Johansson hilariously parodied Ivanka Trump on an SNL perfume commercial

Alec Baldwin as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during the 'Hillary Clinton  Donald Trump Cold Open' sketch

Scarlett Johansson hilariously parodied Ivanka Trump on an SNL perfume commercial

In another political minded bit last night (you can watch Alec Baldwin's Trump cold open here), SNL unveiled "Complicit", a new fragrance by Ivanka Trump that suggests the First Daughter is, well, complicit.

Dog is a Trump's best friend, apparently: In a sketch from this weekend's Saturday Night Live, one canine is revealed to be a passionate supporter of the current president despite his human parent's objections.

But not only that. she did a perfume ad as Ivanka Trump.

Turning heads as she strolled through a glamorous black-tie event, a voiceover introduces the first daughter, saying "she's attractive, she's powerful, she's complicit".

The ad describes President Trump's eldest daughter as a woman "who knows what she wants, and knows what she's doing". "Oh, how we see her", the narrator says.

"A feminist, and advocate, a champion for women... like how?" the voice over asks.

Check out the details on tonight's all-new episode of "SNL", featuring hosting five-timer Scarlett Johansson. Back when Nordstrom dropped her line, Donald Trump tweeted about it and Kellyanne Conway appeared to break ethics rules by telling people to buy Ivanka Trump's products.

"She's Ivanka", a voiceover says, as Johansson turns heads in the event.

"Actually, I heard the aliens are already here", Baldwin's Trump says. "Devoted. But probably should have bounced after that Access Hollywood bus thing".

"Complicit" isn't a fragrance just available for women. The segment is well written enough, well performed, and gets laughs, but adds nothing new to the Trump impression that would make it a must watch segment, and even though it was amusing, it was probably the weakest segment on last night's SNL (you can watch it here).

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