'Boaty McBoatface' Set to Launch on First Mission This Week

EMBARGOED UNTIL 6AM MON MARCH 13TH *** The submersible Boaty McBoatface. See National News story NNBOATY The controversially named submersible Boaty Mc Boatface is set to dive into the freezing abyss on its first Antarctic mission. The unma

The controversially named submersible is set to dive into the freezing abyss this month

The ship was eventually called the RRS David Attenborough, because some people thought Boaty McBoatface wasn't a serious enough name for such an important vessel.

After braving a hotly contested voting process, the internet's favorite submarine Boaty McBoatface is about to take on "some of the deepest and coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth", NPR reports.

About a year after an online competition came up with the unique name, Boaty is making its way to Antarctica.

As a consolation gesture, however, a smaller autonomous underwater vehicle was named Boaty McBoatface.

We wish Boaty a safe journey.

In a nod to the voters, however, the group decided not to discard Boaty McBoatface altogether and instead bestowed it on the submarine.

The name has been given to the robotic vessel, but as for RRS (Royal Research Ship) Sir David Attenborough, work to complete her continues.

Boaty McBoatface will investigate water flow and turbulence deep down in the Orkney Passage, a 2.17 mile (2.5 km) deep region of the Southern Ocean.

Boaty, which has arguably one of the most famous names in recent maritime history, is a new type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), which will be able travel under ice, reach depths of 6,000 metres, and transmit the data it collects to researchers via a radio link.

"Establishing the causes of this warming is important because the warming plays an important role in moderating the ongoing (and likely future) increases in atmospheric temperature and sea level around the globe", says Alberto Naveira Garabato, the expedition research lead and an ocean scientist with the University of Southampton. This other vessel is a remotely operated submarine carried aboard the RSS Sir David Attenborough.

Antarctic Bottom Water is cold and dense, and its movement contributes to ocean circulation worldwide, the BAS writes. "And so, at the NERC National Oceanography Centre, Autosub Long Range Boaty McBoatface was born".

The minisub is to travel with the Dynamic of the Orkney Passage Outflow (DynOPO) expedition on the James Clark Ross, a BAS (British Antarctic Survey) ship. Boaty #1 will measure the ocean turbulence in this area to determine how that area has been affected by climate change.

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