Ivanka Trump's Brand Is Actually Selling Like Crazy Right Now

Chinese companies have also been scrambling to register businesses with Ivanka's name to cash in on her popularity in the country

Chinese companies have also been scrambling to register businesses with Ivanka's name to cash in on her popularity in the country

In February, Ivanka Trump's clothing and accessories brand saw a spike in sales, according to the company's president and market research data. Lyst, a major fashion e-commerce retailer based in the United Kingdom, also saw a huge shift: in terms of orders, Ivanka's brand ranking jumped from 550th on the site in January to 11th in February with a 346 percent uptick in sales between the two months.

Conway's "free commercial" was considered an ethical violation given the federal rules explicitly prohibit "the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity".

Ivanka Trump stepped down from her role in managing the eponymous company after her father was elected president.

Lyst has said that after the boot as a result of the national coverage, Ivanka's sales are back in decline. For instance, interest in pantsuits went up by 460 percent previous year because of Hillary Clinton's affinity for the style, she said.

The company refused to release sales numbers to prove its claim of a sales spike, which to Coulter suggests they know it would look very bad for them if people saw a direct correlation between Conway's free pitch for Ivanka's brand and the sales increase.

Sales of the brand were up by 21% in 2016 over the previous year's sales, according to a company spokesperson.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said Conway's comments were "absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong" and "clearly over the line", The Washington Post reported.

On Thursday, the government's top ethics official criticized the White House for not disciplining Conway, The Post's Drew Harwell reported.

Although Conway's comments were immediately called out for violating ethics standards, and incited the Office of Government Ethics to urge the White House to investigate her, she was exonerated of any wrongdoing earlier this month. On Thursday he wrote to Stefan C. Passantino, who handles White House ethics issues as the president's deputy counsel. "Not taking disciplinary action against a senior official under such circumstances risks undermining the ethics program". Heels were the bestsellers, followed by dresses. "We've never seen such a large uptick".

An online retail research firm reported that sales in the USA of products from the Ivanka Trump fashion line on Amazon were up by over 332% during January and February in comparison to the same two months one year ago.

The excitement on the brand, however, may be slumping. And recent sales figures show it's paid off. March does not appear to be as remarkable, but sales are still on track to be about eight percent better than they were in January, according to Lyst.

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