Merkel's visit to White House delayed by DC snowstorm

Merkel's visit to White House delayed by DC snowstorm

Merkel's visit to White House delayed by DC snowstorm

Snowstorms bearing down the U.S. east coast have forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to postpone her visit to Washington DC.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel allegedly made a decision to keep the border open for refugees in September 2015 because she feared clashes between migrants and police would look bad on television.

A month after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence delivered a message to Europe underscoring the importance of transatlantic ties, Tuesday's meeting will be scrutinized for clues on whether Trump fully endorses that message.

In January, Trump himself suggested to Germany's largest newspaper that a tariff on BMW imports could be in order.

Trump and Merkel are expected to spar over trade issues and Germany's contribution to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation funding. A number of prominent German business leaders, including BMW CEO Harald Krüger and Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser, will join her on the trip to lobby against harsh tax hikes on German cars and moderate discussion on reducing America's $65 billion trade deficit with Germany. This hour On Point: When Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump.

The meeting with Merkel will also allow Trump to discuss peace efforts in Ukraine. Trump vowed during his campaign to withdraw from the climate agreement, suggesting that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese to hurt US competitiveness.

Responses from Europe's largest economy could include incrementally higher duties on imports from America and allowing German companies to make their USA import tax deductible, thus compensating their competitive disadvantage, according to the report. "She is also convinced that direct contact with Trump is vital..."

President Trump will seek the advice of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on how to approach Russian President Vladimir Putin, Administration officials said Friday.

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