Vanessa Grimaldi: Rumored 'Bachelor' Winner Already Broken Up With Nick Viall?

Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

Nick and Vanessa

Raven Gates is one of the final two contestants on The Bachelor 2017 and fans want to know if Viall will get down on one knee to propose to her on the finale.

Harrison, who divorced his wife Gwen in 2012, added, 'He's narrowed it down to two incredible women, but the insecurity of Nick is that, "Can I find happiness?"

The two women are Raven and Vanessa. "I feel like sometimes I've been fighting it, and I'm not fighting it any longer", Viall shares. And I'm not fighting it any longer. And my only fear now is, what if she says no?' Certainly, there's no obligation for Rachel to choose a POC as the victor just because she is black. "It didn't work out with Andi [Dorfman], it didn't work out with Kaitlyn [Bristowe], and I'm just trying not to be afraid, because I think for me it would be very easy to be afraid about whether she's actually going to say, 'Yes'". Filming for the show will probably conclude very shortly before then; what makes this series different from The Bachelor is that there's not almost as much of a cool-off period between the end of production and the start of the show. "What I find fascinating about this show is the capacity for a person to love more than one person at a time".

The finale is set in Finland.

"I am stunned that Vanessa made it this far".

Nick developed a special relationship with both women throughout season 21 of The Bachelor.

The stars had a great time on the ice, laughing and doing tricks, with Nick lifting the brunette beauty up in his arms.

The couple also got cozy in front of a blazing fire. Nick now lives in Los Angeles and Vanessa is a dedicated Canadian from Montreal.

But after a turn on ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise", people started warming up to Viall. From frolicking in the Finnish snow to mudding in Raven's hometown, Nick and the lovely brunette definitely have a strong connection.

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