The Overwatch hero Orisa activates next week

Overwatch Update So it definitely looks like Genji lives inside Orisa's belly

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has today served up some details and a launch date for Orisa, the 24th hero coming to Overwatch next week. Orisa has been tested on the PC version of Overwatch for the previous two weeks, but on the March 21 she'll be available on all versions of the game.

Orisa is an upcoming tank hero in Overwatch and she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

It's been a while since I've played Overwatch, but from what I'm hearing a character like Orisa is long overdue. One way or another, they want to tell more of her story going forward.

As explained by Blizzard, Orisa's main weapon is her rapid-fire Fusion Driver, an automatic gun with good range and accuracy even at a distance-though it comes at a cost, as Orisa's movement slows down while she fires. She can also use Fortify which provides 50 percent damage reduction and rejects crowd control effects. She can throw a device that creates a curved, stationary Protective Barrier, flawless for intercepting projectiles and shielding teammates. She can make herself immune to tall forms of crowd control, fire off a mini Graviton Surge and buff her teammates damage (a'la Mercy) within line of site with her ultimate. Designed as a peacekeeping robot, Orisa is technically the game's youngest hero.

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