Google's Uptime will let you watch YouTube videos with friends

Google Uptime app for YouTube

Google experiments with communal YouTube-watching with new app Uptime ars_ab.settitle(1057811);

The app is initially only available on iOS, and looks very different from the normal YouTube app.

Aiming to improve video-watching experience, Google has introduced a new app - Uptime - which lets users watch videos with friends and family. The Uptime application is the result of one of those works and is now finally available to the public.

Google's Area 120 incubator just launched a new app called Uptime, an experimental video-sharing app that pairs friends in one space to watch videos and react to it together. The search-engine giant launched something called Area 120 back in 2016, and the main objective of the project was to provide a space for Google employees to create and launch their own side companies. This program, Area 120, allows Google employees to focus on various independent projects as part of the Google initiative. It's also-being a side project of Google employees-unclear how well it will be supported by its parent company, or whether some of its capabilities will eventually be rolled into YouTube itself.

Uptime by Google will allow you to see how far other people are into the YouTube video. Users will also be able to receive daily video recommendations from friends and other users they follow. Those interactions are saved so other viewers can see them when they watch the same video, even at a later time. This is more than a little unusual, considering where the app was developed. It does not include the private messaging feature which was recently added to YouTube. YouTubers can also notify friends on the service.

Uptime is a free download from iTunes in the us only for now. There's an app for that, it's called Uptime. It's invite only, but Uptime's tweeted invite codes. It is possible that Uptime will hit Android later on this year, depending on how well the iOS version does.

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