Enviros Seek A Probe Against Scott Pruitt's 'Unprecedented' Climate Comments

The Center for Biological Diversity filed an administrative appeal with the Environmental Protection Agency today challenging the agency's refusal to release EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's emails and other correspondence following a Freedom of Information Act request.

"If the EPA's Scientific Integrity Policy is to have any meaning then this type of clear violation must be strictly enforced and resolved", she said.

The Sierra Club asked that the Inspector General investigate the comments and whether they violated standards.

The Sierra Club asked the independent watchdog in a letter Wednesday to check whether the former Oklahoma attorney general violated the EPA's 2012 Scientific Integrity Policy when he told a reporter emissions were not a "primary contributor" to so-called man-made global warming. On Wednesday, an EPA spokesperson defended his boss' claim by telling Reuters that "there is ongoing scientific debate on climate change, its causes and its effect".

An overwhelming majority of scientists think that carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to global climate change, triggering sea level rise, droughts and more frequent violent storms. "That debate should be encouraged as the Administrator has done, not discouraged as Sierra Club is attempting to do". "It's meant to protect the public from bad decision-making that's not based on real facts", she said.

All these years I believed real climate scientists who agree that the opposite is true.

This statement runs counter to the vast majority of climate science, including a statement on the EPA's website at the time of Pruitt's comments: "Research indicates that natural causes do not explain most observed warming, especially warming since the mid-20th century".

The Trump administration's reckless disregard of climate change is occurring just as the impacts of global warming are accelerating.

"It is critical that EPA and all federal agencies maintain effective conflict of interest policies and ethics requirements in order to ensure government operates in an honest and transparent manner", the letter said.

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