McDonald's claims Twitter account was hacked after post insulting Trump

Bill pressuring Trump to disclose tax returns to get vote

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally Wednesday

Trump and McDonald's have a long history, including a 2002 television ad in which he gushes over a burger for a dollar to McDonald's character Grimace.

The explanation of a hack seemed to do little to change anyone's minds.

There sure is a lot of hacking going on these days.

The president's most popular tweet this week had to do with the leak of his 2005 tax returns to media.

The president - who is reportedly very sensitive about his hand size, as well as comparisons to his predecessor Barack Obama - may bristle over the tweet.

On the other side of the argument, users cried out for an apology from the company.

The tweet was apparently a hit with McDonald's Twitter followers, quickly garnering hundreds of likes and retweets and sparking commentary and speculation about its source. The time stamp was 9:16 a.m. from the official Twitter account of McDonald's fast food corporation.

The tweet did not significantly impact the company's' share price. Was it a disgruntled employee with keys to the social media account?

The tweet caused a sensation in Twitter, where users shared copies of the deleted tweet and offered jokes and comments.

That being said, it's worth noting that the company hasn't acknowledged the tweet at all since deleting it. Anything popping up that supports already held beliefs, even if the information is faulty, will spread like wildfire. Trump fans called for a boycott until the company apologizes - which it did - while Trump critics encouraged people to patronize Micky D's.

So, who out there's thinking McDonald's for lunch?

Trump did not respond to the incident on Twitter. Meanwhile, this is very likely to actually have been the work of a hacker, although no one has claimed responsibility for the deed yet - which is kind of unusual, since it might well make them instantly popular.

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