Bronx man arrested after running over EMT technician

Police are seen at a Bronx intersection where two EMTs were struck by their ambulance

Police are seen at a Bronx intersection where two EMTs were struck by their ambulance

He was charged Thursday with murder.

He will be back in court next Wednesday. Police say he jumped into the ambulance and sped off when the EMTs got out, plowing over 44-year-old Yadira Arroyo. "This person had no business being in this ambulance", Nigro said. ABC reported that Gonzalez is "emotionally disturbed" and has had "numerous" interactions with the police, according to the New York City Police Department. "I didn't do nothing".

According to the Times, the man started to walk away, turned back around, and managed to get into the driver's seat of the ambulance. Arroyo and her partner pulled over, Arroyo came out and left the door open. The man continued driving in reverse, striking two occupied cars and a parked, unoccupied vehicle, police said. "And yet, that danger always exists for them".

After hitting a number of cars, the ambulance got stuck in a snowbank.

"It's a sad night for everyone in the department", said Nigro. Police appeared to be on the scene within moments and took the person driving the ambulance into custody.

On Friday, EMTs gathered at Station 26 where she worked, to pay homage.

"[Arroyo] died doing what she loved", said her sister-in-law, Monica Salazar.

The EMT victim was lying in the middle of the intersection when she lifted her head, seconds after the ambulance crashed, the music producer said.

"We lost more than a patient advocate".

Colleagues of an emergency medical technician run over by her own ambulance are remembering their colleague as a warmhearted professional who did her job with grace.

He said the perpetrator needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. He lives down the street from Arroyo, at a building run by Volunteers of America that houses homeless people or those who are cosidered "at risk". "They don't need to be there", he said.

A passing police officer apprehended the suspect, aged 25, with the help of a bystander.

De Blasio said her identity would not be released until all family members have been notified. "He reversed so hard and she was dragged", Nagi said.

Arroyo's partner is said to have incurred a minor injury but is not in serious condition.

Arroyo was pronounced dead at Jacobi Medical Center, the Post reported.

Of the eight fatalities, three have been women.

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