Ex-chancellor Osborne appointed newspaper editor

George Osbourne named as the Evening Standard Editor

GettyGeorge Osbourne has been named as the new Editor of the Evening Standard

George Osborne, who lost his job as Britain's finance minister past year after helping lead the doomed campaign to stay in the European Union, was given a high profile platform on Friday as the editor of London's main metropolitan daily paper.

The Evening Standard has a circulation of nearly 850,000 a day.While the ongoing brouhaha among the chattering classes about his appointment has focused on numerous "gasp" worthy aspects of the appointment, it has largely ignored one: what the reactions say about how the British media - and society at large - looks at men as opposed to women.

About 60% of the eligible voters in London wanted Britain to remain in the European Union, but the United Kingdom as a whole voted for Brexit.

Its 900,000 copies are distributed free in train stations and are ubiquitous among homebound commuters, making it influential with the capital's elites in media, the arts, business and politics. But Liam, a young activist from Bedfordshire, also defended Osborne. He lost the argument a year ago in the referendum, he lost influence in Parliament. His opponents accused him of scaremongering.

"It's no different to [now Foreign Secretary] Boris Johnson being the editor of The Spectator for years as a member of parliament", Philip Merry, a Tory from the Wirral told IBTimes UK. He has occasionally criticized some of her rightwing initiatives, such as promoting schools that select pupils based on academic ability.

Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader, said Mr Osborne's new job was "incompatible" with his role as an MP.

Evgeny Lebedev, the newspaper's owner, called the former Chancellor "London through and through" and lauded him as someone of "huge political achievement, and economic and cultural authority". Once he put himself forward for the position, he was the obvious choice.

Rival politicians and journalists questioned how Osborne could remain an effective lawmaker with such a big job.

The former Cabinet minister's new job comes on top of a £650,000-a-year post working for a USA asset management fund, announced last week.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, branded the appointment "a joke".

Labour MP John Mann called on the former Chancellor to resign, telling BBC Radio 5 Live: "He's taking the mickey out of the taxpayer.and he should step down as an MP". His salary as editor was not announced.

A senior Conservative MP told MailOnline he could not understand how Mr Osborne would "juggle" all of his jobs.

I watched a woman who was described as a supporter of the Conservative Party on television on BBC News after the announcement was made, asked what she thought of it.

In his letter, he said under the code, Mr Osborne was required to refer any new job that he meant to take within two years of leaving office to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) before accepting it. After leaving Oxford University he failed to get a place on The Times trainee scheme and worked briefly as a freelancer for The Daily Telegraph's Peterborough diary column.

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