'This Is Us' Finale: 6 Burning Questions We Have For Season 2

This Is Us Season Finale Top 3 Things Fans Should Be Ready About

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But fans are teased throughout the show and led to believe that he may die in several heart-pounding scenes. We were treated instead to the birth of Jack and Rebecca's relationship, spotlighting a clean-shaven Ventimiglia for the first time on the show. She's grabbing lunch with her friends, one of whom is marrying someone in finance, as they urge her "diversify" - by not only letting go of her dreams of becoming a singer, but also by focusing on a real, adult relationship. God Ben, why did u have to do that? Jack had been right about Rebecca's ex and current bandmate, Ben. As always, the show split between the past and present, showing in the past how Jack and Rebecca met, and in the "present" (the present here being the 90s), dealing with Jack's drinking as he tries to make it to Rebecca's first big gig.

The two men cross paths and Ben ultimately admits making a pass at Rebecca, infuriating Jack, as he punches Ben to the ground and leaves him bloody. After knowing Ben tried to kiss his wife, Jack beat up Ben in front of the band, which prompted the show's cancellation and tour, The Hollywood Reporter said in a recap. She's seated at a restaurant, when the scene cuts to Jack - who is at a bar preparing for his heist - when he realizes that he had a date that night that he totally forgot about.

'For the first time in years I have something for myself, ' she yelled. "I have no life". I have zero life. "I'm a friggin' ghost", she said. True to form, the writing is precise, with the ideal degree of emotion to delineate that while there's clearly a lot of love and devotion between the two, there are also some major communication issues that they need to address if they're to have any hope of a future together. 'And not the me that you've conjured up about me over the years?'

"I love the mother that you are". "Professionally, in the context of the show, having been the product of an adoption myself, and having a loving father and being able to pay homage to my family, makes flawless sense".

This time the twist is that in the finale Jack does make it to the club, living to fight - a few hours later with Rebecca. While fixing Mrs. Peabody's vehicle, she questions how he came back from the war in such good spirits, and he explains that he didn't have it as hard as some people because he was only a mechanic.

'I can't go back to who I was before I met you, ' he begins. Throughout the season the story's vitality has been buoyed by revelations that play as twists, many connected in some way to our universal fear of death.

'You're not just my great love story Rebecca, you were my big break. Stay tuned, cause it's all leading somewhere and we're just getting started.

Will "This Is Us" explain how Miguel & Rebecca got together?

The two locked eyes and Jack skipped out on another blind date he was supposed to attend.

Rebecca cries and we're right there with her, wondering if this marriage has a future.

"It's just that the timing of that is now we're starting to brace the audience that it's coming and they should be ready for it".

The 32-year-old brunette beauty added: 'But they're going to be upset for a completely different set of reasons.

Later, in a panel discussion after the screening, Ventimiglia recalled an exchange he had with creator Dan Fogelman after reading the anxiety-inducing finale script, which features Jack making a series of decisions, including drinking while driving, gambling away all his savings and almost committing armed robbery.

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