President Trump's Approval Rating Just Hit a New Low


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A poll released March 11 by Gallup had his approval rating at 45 percent, with 49 percent disapproving.

Only 37% of respondents approve of the job Trump was doing, while 58% disapprove.

At the same time, Trump has been complimentary to rival Fox News. The margin of error is 3%.

It's hard to see what Trump could do at this point to improve his approval ratings as even his most ardent supporters are turning against the man for taking away their healthcare or access to social programs like Meals on Wheels.

The poll was more bad news for the GOP, but not all that encouraging for Democrats either.

FBI Director James Comey is slated to testify before the House Intelligence Committee Monday on Russian intelligence possibly interfering with the 2016 election.

And they hate his tweeting.

And although Obama himself was far more popular early on than Trump, his Vice President Joe Biden saw his popularity drop considerably during his first months.

Meanwhile, Trump seems to think that the poll came from CNN, despite the fact that they simply reported on it.

ABC News says Trump's current approval rating is the lowest of any commander-in-chief at this point in their first term since Gallup started tracking the issue in 1945. That was the kind of ugly focus that turned the American people off.

It doesn't look like things will get better for Trump anytime soon.

The Associated Press reported over the weekend on a new poll that found among USA voters age 30 or under, Trump's approval rating is just 22%.

Although a larger percentage of likely voters still show disapproval of Donald Trump's job performance, the number of likely voters who approve is on a steady increase from five days ago.

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